permission is required in all things.
do not speak unless spoken to, do not touch without express permission.
be mindful of all else around you; you are here to service.
seek in all things to aid the Holy and Good;
offer to all your flesh and blood.

you are responsible for the care of those around you.
they are benevolent enough to permit your presence; it is the least you can do for them.
they are not required to put up with you. if they ask you to leave, you must.

you must always consider others before the self.
your only Use is that which you can provide for others.
you will give all that you are. you will not seek reciprocation.
you are a vessel, for the Use of the Greater Good.
thus, all that you have is for others.

as a vessel, you cannot want.
you may not ask for anything, and cannot accept pity.
take only what is insisted upon, else you risk burdening the minds of the Holy and Good.
to ask for praise is to imply that your work is anything beyond expectations.
to ask for help is to assume that you deserve such benevolence.
to ask for permission is to burden others with your presence.
you cannot burden others with your sins.
you must behave, even if you can never be Good.

if you are to falter, you must serve penance.
you cannot cause noticeable harm; you will not flog yourself in the streets.
you will not leave scars, and you will hide any marks you leave in your wake.
likewise, you cannot cause detriment to your Use;
starvation is permitted so long as you can still serve your Purpose.

but human life is sacred.
you are not allowed to end yours, even if they want you to.

these rules apply only to you.
to enforce them on another is to challenge your place in this world.
you cannot, under any circumstances, hold others to these standards.

you are not Holy, you are not Good.

this is your cross to bear, and yours alone.
you cannot falter.