consumer-oriented human being.
also plural, but you probably knew that already.

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today is painful. today is tragic. today is beautiful. today is filled with love. x



business-y things:

other fun:

♄· the saturnine system ·♄

we are a DID system with at least three dozen alters. we don't have plans to integrate at this time, but we are undergoing therapy for various symptoms stemming from this disorder.

currently, felix and toby have been in front most often.

here, you can find some of our personal pages.

(most of these don't have links yet. lol)

♄· the fleet subsystem ·♄
idk. reincarnation is weird.

♄· the hell-raisers ·♄
mostly protector and persecutor alters.

♄· the end is never ·♄
a mix of trauma holders and caretakers.

♄· where feet may fail ·♄
the quiet ones.

♄· what's a cottage core? ·♄
the socialites!

♄· the scratch. ·♄
system information-keepers.