consumer-oriented human being.
also plural, but you probably knew that already.

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today is painful. today is tragic. today is beautiful. today is filled with love. x



business-y things:

other fun:

crisis control

for use during paranoid episodes, meltdowns, panic attacks, and other situations requiring de-escalation.

Sound - Music and White Noise

insert content here.

if there isn't a fan or something similar nearby, this brown noise can be played in place. best used in a space away from people, ideally with dim lighting.

if enough time has been taken to calm down, but a quick-switch is required for a social situation, these playlists work for some of our pre-approved frequent-fronters:

Smell - Ambient Scents

insert content here.

Sight - [I Spy kind of stuff? idk]

insert content here.

Taste - Safe Foods and Drinks

insert content here.

random list in no particular order: graham crackers, smuckers uncrustables, animal crackers; arizona green tea

Touch - Textures and Fidgets

insert content here.